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The Building

The ideal setting for your Dream Receptions

Since the design we have thought of you trying to take into account all your needs. Our rooms, despite being large and richly decorated, are totally devoid of any obstacle that could block their view. We want you to feel at the center of attention that day and that none of your guests can say: "from my table I couldn't see the bride and groom because we happened to be behind a column".

Our History

Your guests, from the moment they enter our entrance gate, will no longer have to worry about anything. They have their seats assigned and the table set from the beginning. We are the only ones to provide 5 different rooms for a single wedding reception, one for the welcome drink, one for the appetizer buffet, one for lunch or dinner, another for the fruit, cake and dessert buffet. and, finally, a bar room, for bitters and coffees of over 400 square meters with more than 180 armchairs. If the weather does not allow us to use those outdoors, we have another one in reserve. If all this is not enough, for couples who intend to spend time with friends after the reception, we provide an outdoor bar with a disco. Once you enter the “Mille e una Notte” you don't even have to worry about finding the corners for your souvenir photos.

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